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Confessions of a Bad (but loving) Mother

August 30, 2010

Welcome to my world.  It is one of dirty nappies, babbling (both mine and the baby’s) and baby proofing.

I try my very best to be a good mother, but I fail every day.  We have a lot of fun but I’m very sorry to say that as a Mummy I am more slummy than yummy.  My daughter’s outfits tend not to coordinate and we don’t drive a Bugaboo despite living in a very respectable part of South London.

Put plainly, suburban motherhood and myself are a bad fit.  Square pegs and round holes and all that jazz.

However, I am loving it.  We have a lot of adventures, most of which are messy, many of which are noisy and none of which should be repeated to the health visitor.

If you’d like to come along for the ride, please subscribe.  It’s worth it just so that each time I witter on about something new you can sit smugly thinking “Well I wouldn’t do it like that, she must be VERY silly.”


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  1. Am impressed that you’ve got a wordpress blog set up :0) Keep intending to investigate but never get a round tuit! Will keep my eye on this blog, I am slowly reinventing my own version of yummy mummyhood which doesn’t involve bugaboos ;o)

    • I’m always very glad to find other not so yummy mummies. We’re very yummy in our own special ways…

  2. mummyandkatie permalink

    Love it! And i’m definitely not a yummy mummy… I do not wear makeup, my clothes are rarely clean, my hair is only ‘usually’ brushed, but definitely never styled, and my idea of a great night is one that involves a book, a cuppa and sleep by 10.30 and doesnt’ involve vomit, 2am or loud noises – and even when it involves the final three, only then from my daughter. Not a nightclub.

    And i don’t drive a bugaboo or a quinny.

  3. Hi! Nice first entry! This looks good on the iTeether!

  4. Oh, I forgot: we DO have a Bugaboo even though we live in a village where time has been standing still since the seventies 😉

  5. SuzyPink permalink

    ooooh marvellous, I am very impressed at your bad mummying, and would also like to become a member of the club please! Yey for you on starting a blog x

  6. Yay! So glad you’ve got a WordPress journal. I love the way you write and your take on motherhood. I shall be reading 🙂 x

  7. Great to see you have a blog now as well as blip! Love your writing style and hearing about all the things I will have to look forward to in the following year 🙂

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