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Baby Superstores – The Devil’s Franchise

September 5, 2010

Because I have little respect for my sanity, I decided yesterday that a Saturday afternoon would be the perfect time to pop over to the local baby superstore.  Next time I get this urge I’ll do something more pleasant and meaningful with my time such as pull out my own teeth or gargle razor blades.  But yesterday, by the time we’d sat in traffic for an hour (to make the one mile journey) there was no going back.  Literally.  It was gridlock in all directions.

So we persevered.  Lyra, the world’s most active nine-month old is not convinced by car travel.  All that being strapped down in a seat does not suit her free roaming spirit.  And boy did she let us know.  She has one word she uses consistently now.  ‘Mum’.  After an hour, ‘Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum!’ is not so cute any more.  None of that heart doing backflips and glowing with pride stuff, more an urge to step out of the car and sell her to a passer by.  I hear the term ‘Mum’ is interchangeable and refers to quite a few of us out there – maybe there was a daft one in amongst this queue of doom who still found ‘Mum’ cute…

I figured hubby would be a bit pissed if I sold the baby so with fingers in ears, we finally made it to the store which was inevitably heaving with other people’s horrible children and frustratingly disorganised after the roaming hordes had wreaked havoc where once there was some semblance of order.  And of course they had almost none of the things that we were looking for; they had some things in the wrong size and the wrong colour.  And always at very much the wrong price.

So I did what I always do in this situation.  Picked up all the things that I really didn’t want to buy, put them in my trolley, trundled around moaning about it for ten minutes, then abandoned the trolley, joined the exit queue and went home and shopped online.

When will I ever learn?


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  1. You live near Ikea. Much much better. Even on a Saturday. At least you get to play in the children’s section, and there’s food as well 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in Babies ‘r’ Us, I think I’ve been in Toy’r’us less times than I need two hands to count on (and never since growing up) and please please please for sanity’s sake don’t do that again!!!!

    Go to a proper town where they have proper shops and wander around and have coffee in between and go to the park and avoid the superstores like the plague….

    • Yes, if I was intelligent that’s what I’d do…

      Are littlies allowed in the play bit at Ikea? We used to go there just to eat lunch back in our ‘youth’. We were crazy…

      • I don’t think they are allowed in the official play area…. but the children’s section of the showroom is just as good!

  2. mummyandkatie permalink

    i’ve never been in a purely babies r us. And i don’t think i ever will. I’ve bought three items from toys r us ever. And two of those i returned (why i voluntarily returned in there a second time i do not know!) I tend to go in and leave very hastily, adding to the pile of abandoned trolleys. The internet is the way forward.

    • Yes I so agree. I was being very thick. Needed things for our introductions week next week as Ellen may stay – then had the brain wave of getting them delivered to our house in Kendal. Why I didn’t think of that before I don’t know. Too stupid… but at least I got there in the end!

  3. I do exactly the same thing with Ikea!! We travel all the way there.. get stuck in traffic and then by the time I get there I’ve normally changed my mind about what I want and like you end up getting stuff I dont need just for the sake of it! Our last trip we went to get a coffee table but came back with just a quilt for Oli!
    Screaming child in the car is a nightmare isnt it! Oli hates it whenever the car comes to a standstill!!

  4. seeingasiam permalink

    I have some wise words for you.

    The Great Little Trading Company
    John Lewis online

    Now you need never get stuck in traffic again :-)) Also I find this approach saves me money. I browse through the beautiful catalogues and websites…draft an order…tot up how much said order will cost…pour a stiff drink and cross out half the order…tot up again…pour another stiff drink and hit ebay to find the rest of it 🙂

    • Thank you.

      *pours a stiff drink and contemplates writing a list…*

      • mummyandkatie permalink

        the great little trading company rule… but it does require mucho stiff drinks… and somebody elses credit card. And then as suggested, find it all on ebay!

      • I’ve never heard of them (I’m not much of a shopper!)

  5. There are occasions when shops of this ilk are ok (ish)

    a. after its just opened
    b. when solo
    c. ok there is no c

    ‘they’ are on the whole to be avoided at all costs ~shudders~ at old distant memory of trying to buy ‘display items’ at IKEA!! Change those letters round its I ek aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

    Look on the bright side you didnt buy anything that you had to take back wthout the reciept and have to return to ‘spend’ credit note (shows you how long its been that Ive done this!!!)

    So your not ‘thick’ are you hun. xxxx

    • But for someone who won’t even shop in Tescos in person, it was a pretty amateur mistake. You live and you learn!

      • mummyandkatie permalink

        that made me laugh!! Put a sodding big note by your front door ‘DO NOT GO TO PROPER SHOPS… STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR KEYS AND TURN ON THE LAPTOP’. More fun for Ly too!

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