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Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink!

September 7, 2010

Packing takes on a whole new meaning once you have a little person in tow.  Gone are the heady days of jumping on a flight with hand luggage only, or packing for a weekend away in your largest handbag.  Now it’s more like a military operation.

It requires weeks of planning, nerves of steel and so many bags and cases that your house ends up resembling the luggage department in House of Fraser – if only House of Fraser stocked tatty and ill matching cases done up with string and bursting at the seams.

It’s hard to believe that this one small person who ostensibly takes up so little space, generates a requirement for quite so much paraphernalia.  So much so in fact that earlier this summer we had to invest in a roof box.  Hubby was delighted.  Driving down the motorway with a roof box made him feel like a ‘real dad’ and he could give a friendly nod to all those other roof box users out there.  It’s like some kind of friendly, sleep-deprived club.  I often look at other people’s roof boxes and wonder what’s in there.  Is it also full of such essentials as their daughter’s favourite but irritating V-Tech walker, a month’s supply of breadsticks and fifteen changes of baby clothes for any perceivable weather condition?

What does not get packed of course is very much at all for us.  Last time we went away I discovered (after an unfortunate incident involving a lot of vomit) that whilst I had a dozen pairs of trousers for Lyra, that I had not a single spare pair for myself.  Not one.

Oh well.  I hear baby vomit is on trend this season.


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  1. mummyandkatie permalink

    Imagine how it’ll be carrying double that! You’ll need excess baggage allowance just for the nappy quota

  2. mummyandkatie permalink

    oh and i have been in the same situation. Exactly that situation. Weekend away, only the pair of jeans i was wearing. Much vomit.

  3. Anna Stevenson permalink

    Haha that is why we recently bought a mini estate car, something I never thought I would EVER! So proper family car with proper 5 seats and roof rails so who know we might be investing into a roof box soon. Any recommendations? ?? :))

    • Tom is now a roofbox expert I’m sure he could offer you a consultation for a small fee 😉

      Grown up car- think we will be following in your footsteps quite soon. We have a Ford Focus but it will be a bit of a squish for four.

  4. Dotty permalink

    Damn you, Pooky… I am now having flashbacks of the journey from The Borders to Orkney: I spent the journey from Edinburgh covered in vomit and poo.

    I genuinely had forgotten that. I’m sure the other ferry passengers haven’t!

  5. I’ve still not learnt. And we manage the vomit thing just walking around town…. many’s the time I’ve had to rush into Boots (I remember a time when I didn’t even know where Mothercare was) to clean up, and then to buy new clothes… and then into Next (of course!) to buy me something that didn’t reek. Obviously there is a serious downside to babywearing!

  6. mommylebron permalink

    Once we got to 3 I didn’t think we’d ever leave the house again! But there’s hope! As they get older the paraphinilia requirement lessens! Tiny video game, picky dressers, etc.

    • Sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel. So I only need to stay put for about say 8 years or so??

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