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From Sanctuary to Splash Zone

September 11, 2010

Before I had a baby, the bath was my sanctuary. I would light candles, burn oils, switch on some music and wallow. I could wash away all the stresses of my day – though I can’t imagine what those stresses were? There were no nappies, no sleepless nights..

Now the bath’s function has altered completely. Where there were oils there are bubbles, where there were candles there are hideous bath toys and where there was music there are squeals of joy.

Welcome to the splash zone.

Lyra is quite obsessed with bathing. She’ll often wonder over to the empty bath and stare longingly at it (in much the way I regard my favourite size 00 Banana Republic jeans. Never to be worn again). Her longing is rather more easily fulfilled with no need for treadmills or zumba so I tend to indulge her.

As soon as the water starts running she shows her excitement by slapping the bath. She even allows me to undress her – so long as I do it whilst she is standing watching the water run. Got to make sure it doesn’t run away after all.

Then in she goes and out come the toys. We have so many bath toys that it’s often hard to find Lyra in amongst the flotilla of ducks, fish and whales. You can usually locate her by the squealing or splashing though.

And boy can she splash! By the time she’s finished bathing the bathroom looks like a herd of water buffalo have been round to play. There’s water everywhere and I tend to look like I’m the next entry for a wet t-shirt competition (if only they accepted rapidly ageing, unattractive bumbling women..)

Then comes the joy of ‘cuddling her dry’. Lyra insists on only the softest and biggest of towels. She’s a lady who insists on life’s little luxuries and woe betide you if you don’t comply. Lyra loves to be cuddled dry for the first couple of minutes. Then… That’s it. She has places to go, cats to terrorise and she’s off leaving a damp trail, a pile of towels, a bedraggled mummy and a chaotic bathroom in her wake.

Off to wreak her next round of havoc.


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  1. What can I say. Ben and Lyra share that love of splashtime! Our bathroom isn’t tiled yet – just bare plasterboard on the walls – by the time we get it tiled I’m sure the plasterboard will be breathing a massive sigh of relief. I am constantly amazed at how far ranging the splashzone is… And as for toys, we have found an empty oilatum bottle is rather good! The beaker (used for rinsing hair) is kept out of reach because Ben appears to like the taste of the bubble bath. Weirdo.

  2. mummyandkatie permalink

    as always, you’re right on the money. We have another bath lover here. Katie’s favourite time of day, always. And she loves to drink the bath water by sucking it out of the flannel.

    She has a drying snuggle, but that must be followed IMMEDIATELY by our ‘dry the baby’ dance. With it’s very own song. And Katie will hurl herself up and down in my arms until I do it.

  3. Oh bathtime. Well, I have two slightly larger boys (5 and 3 1/2) and I have to say I loathe their bathtime. It is something Daddy does and involves lots of shrieking, throwing water around and general mayhem which is all too much for me to take having had shrieking and mayhem for most of the rest of the day.

    But when this new one arrives, I’m looking forward to some baby bathtimes because like you say, they are gorgeous! x

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